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Hospitality trends for 2016

For 5 years, the economic health of the hospitality sector has never been better; the demand has been growing, the offer has been increasing, and the KPIs of most of the hotels have been improving year after year.  In November 2015, Marriott International acquired Starwood Hotels and Resorts, leading the trend of major mergers within the hospitality industry. Looking ahead to 2017, Millennials represent the crucial consumer group. These guests, ages 20 to 35, will replace baby boomers, who currently hold that distinction. This shift in consumer segmentation means a shift in consumers’ habits, which are moving towards increased technology, mobile devices, and customized experiences.

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The 2016 challenge: empower your guests

 Today’s hotel guests have little in common with the guests of just a decade ago. Today’s travelers are digital natives with increased mobility thanks to their constant access to smartphones, tablets, and phablets. They are insta-travellers who want total control over their travel experience. Savvy hotel managers know that the best way to keep these travelers satisfied is by empowering them.

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