The Artist Talks bring you closer to Daylighted artists. Today, discover Andrzej Michael Karwacki who shared his insights with us!



DAYLIGHTED: tell us a little bit about yourself. 

I really love creating metaphors. I feel like it’s a more poetic way to describe a situation. In my work, imagery, materials, and processes all incorporate some form of metaphor. They can all represent something else as a symbol. For me, adding these extra layers here and there make creating the art more rewarding and meaningful.


DAYLIGHTED: how would you describe your working techniques? Your work is notably distinctive by creating aesthetic masterpieces with very ordinary materials such as newspapers. Can you tell us a bit about the message you want to convey through that use?

I use a combination of digital and traditional media. My process is a mixture of digital compositing, traditional brush painting, printmaking, and collage. Using packaging tape as a coating, as a laminate, creates a shiny product while financial newspapers creates a context of commercialization and of commodity. The imagery is typically representative of nature in many forms like birds, fish, flowers, tress, etc. As a whole, my works mediate on our relationship with nature.


DAYLIGHTED: what inspires your work? 

While I’m inspired by Chinese brush painting, I love all of the ancient crafts and works of art from around the world. I really enjoy taking that which is old and familiar and placing it into a new, contemporary context. It’s like a remix, but with art instead of music.  



                                                                            Growth potential by Phillip Hua


DAYLIGHTED: how do you hope your art engages your audience? Are there any reflections or opinions you’ve heard about your artwork that surprises you?

The majesty of nature is sometimes lost when you live in really developed places. But when you find yourself in situations where nature is this overwhelming presence, it’s humbling. I’d love for people to look at my art, remember the beauty of nature, and possibly consider the impact we’re having on it.


DAYLIGHTED: what, in your opinion, is the most difficult part of the creative process?

Staying focused! I tend to want to experiment and explore a lot. This isn’t the best way to forge ahead in one direction. But sometimes you can’t control where your imagination (and opportunities) go. So, as Bruce Lee said, “Be water.” He was referring to the ability of water to become one with its container, its situation. So that’s what I’m going to do. Be water and let my creativity flow.



                                                                          Return to fundamentals by Phillip Hua



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