Daylighted participated to a great event last week organized by Hollie McLaughin from ArtCrasher.

ArtCrasher is an online gallery featuring 5 artists every week on their website. They organized their first “real” art show last week at SOMArts in San Francisco, and Daylighted was delighted to be part of it!

Among live painting, artists and photographers, we exhibited the first prototype of the SmArtGallery.

We were pleased to get so much positive feedback! And above all, we were really delighted to see people enjoying a true and genuine artistic experience through our digital piece of art. Indeed, digital allows us to display an enhanced version of photographs, compared to print, with a better image quality, high contrasts, improved light rendering, and many more animation opportunities for digital art. We were featuring photos and paintings from ArtCrasher artists, but also from some of our new artists: Kelly Nicolaisen, a fun and humorous photographer, Mamade Kadreebux, a life-long traveler with amazing landscape photos, Michele Cornelius, photographer and digital artist from Alaska, and Rossi Joy, emotion photographer with an amazing energy. For those who missed it, here are some pictures of the event:

Thanks so much for being part of it, and see you soon for the next show!

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