SAN FRANCISCO – The art world is about to be shaken up. Art startups are paving the way for a new generation of art, artists and art aficionados — they are a game changer. Daylighted is a San Francisco based company ready to bring art everywhere by extending the gallery experience beyond the white walls of museums and so-called art galleries.

The company recently performed an installation at the Sofitel San Francisco Bay, where four 55” digital art displays were installed in their restaurant, adding to the décor and providing a changing experience for its guests.

Sofitel's art gallery

While artists always need to show their art to a broader audience, people lack opportunities to discover and be inspired by visual arts in their daily routine. Daylighted provides a unique on-demand art technology to different venues allowing them to curate, display and sell artwork within their own space, creating an ‘art discovery’ for all involved.

Daylighted’s innovative solution to providing an interactive art experience is the SmArtGallery. With the SmArtGallery, venues can create their own art portfolios to suit the need for a host of occasions, seasons, holidays, or simply to create the ambiance of their choice. The SmArtGallery is the ‘next generation canvas,’ where partners can choose from a curated portfolio of artworks, including stills and animations.

SmArtGallery at Sofitel SAG SmartGallery at Sofitel

"I think the Daylighted SmArtGallery gives us that opportunity to bring local artists into the Waterfront,” says Waterfront Joie de Vivre Hotel General Manager, Mark Everton. "One of the nice things about the SmArtGallery, is its ability to incorporate a great deal of diversity from different types of art, primarily local artists.”

Daylighted currently works with upscale hotels, who want to create a unique experience with art and connects with the local artists community. Experienced team members work collaboratively with prospective partners to create a custom-tailored art portfolio comprised of local and international artists. Software enables the creation of smart collections, creating a ‘playlist’ of art that will update automatically with new works, similar to Pandora®. “Having the ability to change constantly so every time a guest comes whether it’s several times a month or several times a year allows guests to experience something different,” says Everton.

The quality of art is not compromised, Matt Fisher, curator, artist and writer, leads Daylighted’s curatorial team and approves all of the artists. Fisher has had his work exhibited internationally and has written about contemporary art for publications including ARTnews and the San Francisco Bay Guardian. 

The installation and patron experience is seamless where interactive displays, 48 inches or more are placed and display one piece of art at a time. A companion tablet, attached to the display allows people to learn more about the artwork and the artist, and to eventually order a print or the original copy directly from the artist. Partners also receive a commission.

“Although it’s been easy to enjoy our favorite writers, musicians and movie producers, opportunities to discover visual artists remain limited to an experience in art galleries and museums,” says Daylighted Co-Founder and CEO, Alex Cammarano. “My desire to share a variety of art with people came from the frustration of those limited opportunities.”

Daylighted currently has partnerships with hotels and restaurants in the U.S. and in Europe with plans to benefit from the hospitality trend of transforming traditional hotel atmospheres into contemporary upscale ones, similar to their new partner Zephyr Hotel or Joie de Vivre hotel chain, with whom they’ve worked with since the very beginning.


Daylighted is a startup company located in San Francisco, CA, founded in 2013 by Alex Cammarano, Elisabeth Mouchy, and Alban Dumouilla. Daylighted provides a contemporary portfolio of thousands of images, videos and animated art. Daylighted plans to bring the artistic diaspora to even more spaces, beginning with high-end venues— because art should be everywhere.

Visit to browse collections, view featured artwork and to receive more information.

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