Daylighted - First Art Gallery Taking Zero Commission on Sales

Today is special for us as we are happy to announce that we are making one bold move forward in supporting artists and changing the status quo. Thanks to our unique business model, we are now able to take 0% commission on the art sales. That’s right, Daylighted™ now offers a service that really supports the art communities and will give back 100% of the sales to the artists.

It is our belief that this move will have a major impact on the art industry: helping artists, art galleries, and art associations to promote their work to a broader audience and inspire people that did not have access to art.

A couple years ago, our team of art enthusiasts gathered in San Francisco to shake up the art world. Our goal: to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to discover and experience art as easily as music. Sounds obvious, right?

But it wasn’t. If we take a moment to compare the art and the music industry, the art world today still resembles what the music world was decades ago. It has not adapted to advance in technologies or even to our new expectations for consumption. Music evolved thanks to ubiquitous mediums, but also because it was driven by change in consumer’s behavior. Today, we prefer experiences over possessions, unlimited access to curated content, and we multi-task everything on the go.

But what did the art industry do to really adapt to these changes?

Even as artists are discovering new mediums, the mindset and the ways to discover art hasn’t changed much. If you want to find new artists or get inspired through art, the main venues to achieve this are galleries, museums, and art fairs or marketplaces. This is a time-consuming approach with a narrow focus and unfortunately, too few people can experience it this way, as a result most people have absolutely no idea how much art can inspire their lives. It was my case a few years ago.

With Daylighted™ we are reconnecting people with the art communities in an innovative way through simple technology. To achieve this, we created the SmartGallery™. The SmartGallery is a new technology that can turn virtually any screen into a digital art gallery. It connects these screens to the local art communities and rotates artworks on demand. With its companion app viewers can learn about the artworks displayed, interact with the artists or the galleries, and purchase the pieces they fall for.

In a nutshell, we still have a gallery and gallerist, just one that is wherever we go and never stops showing and educating.

Over the last few years, Daylighted™ has installed a large network of SmartGalleries™ in businesses around the country, in hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities, co-working spaces, etc. facilitating thousands of interactions with new and existing art enthusiasts resulting in sales.

Using this simple approach, Daylighted™ has found a way to meet the needs of today’s mobile, tech savvy consumer and is inspiring people with a new art experience.

Art should be everywhere and we make it happen!


 * Banner image by Seungyoon Chei (represented by ArtAcacia)


Alex Cammarano



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