San Francisco (June, 9th 2015) - Daylighted is pleased to share its installation at the Joie De Vivre Galleria Park Hotel. Upon entering the hotel lobby, guests will now be greeted by an elegant digital canvas revealing custom art exhibitions. The SmArtGallery, provided by Daylighted, is a 40-inch, high-definition monitor that can be controlled in real time by hospitality personnel. This technology is the first of its kind allowing hotels to change the art displayed in their establishment as often as they like. The Joie De Vivre Hotel Group is known for their innovative practices and creative use of technology so their affiliation with Daylighted only seems natural.

SmArtGallery at Galleria Park Joie de Vivre hotel in San Francisco

SmArtGallery at Galleria Park Joie de Vivre hotel in San Francisco

The digital canvas will be managed by the hotel staff and portray a different collection of artwork as often as desired. With assistance from the Daylighted team, the work displayed will reinforce the hotel’s distinct design and cultural roots in the local community. With artistic establishments close by, the new SmArtGallery will fit perfectly into the neighborhood.

One of the unique qualities of Galleria Park is their dedication to eclectic 20th Century art. From the life-like inspirations of Art Nouveau to the assertive and modern feeling of Art Deco, and quixotic essence of Abstract Art, the style of the hotel could be described as eclectic and modernist.

SmArtGallery at Galleria Park Joie de Vivre hotel in San Francisco
Galleria Park Hotel - SF Lobby

Unique, artistic taste is not the only thing that sets Galleria Park Hotel apart. Trickled down from ideals of the Joie De Vivre Hotel Group, the Galleria leads the industry in guest services by consistently adapting to new technology. Each guest is offered complimentary Wi-Fi, access to Mi-Fi hotspot rentals, and guest services via text and email. As the 2012 and 2013 finalist for the San Francisco Hotel Council's Hotel Hero Awards for Innovation and recipient of American Hotel and Lodging Association’s 2013 Innovation Technology Award, Galleria Park’s dedication to innovation has not gone unnoticed.

“Daylighted combines art and technology that positively enhances the ambiance in our lobby,” said James Lim, general manager of Galleria Park Hotel. “It allows our guests to appreciate a variety of art photography during our evening wine hour or when relaxing in our lobby. Guests always talk about the installation and the art displayed.”

The Daylighted organization is progressive in its own right and hopes to help hospitality establishments, such as Galleria Park, turn their communal spaces into art galleries. Their first installation was at the original Joie de Vivre property, the Phoenix Hotel in San Francisco.  Daylighted was successful in helping to reinforce the hotel’s rock' n' roll vibe. The Daylighted portfolio of photographs and paintings is carefully selected by art curators and made available for clients to display on their SmArtGallery. Aside from the digital canvas technology, the company has developed a mobile application that allows guests to interact with the art displayed. Through the app, guests can learn more about specific artists, share experiences through social media, and purchase original copies of art they love.

Daylighted is thrilled to be working with the prestigious Joie De Vivre Galleria Park Hotel and is excited to contribute to the establishment’s savvy and chic approach to hospitality. A hotel is a window to the culture of a city and Daylighted hopes to ensure guests can enjoy a beautiful view.

About Daylighted
Daylighted is a San Francisco-based start-up whose mission is to make art more accessible. Through the SmArtGallery, they allow people to enjoy art as much as other forms of popular media. This custom technology is a digital canvas capable of displaying art for sale in community spaces. Through their service, high-end hospitality establishments can easily incorporate fine art into their resort design.

About Galleria Park Hotel
Galleria Park Hotel is known as an urban oasis situated in the heart of Union Square, San Francisco. With luxury and innovative amenities, first-class service, and a stylish but comfortable design, the hotel provides guests with a lavish experience. Neighboring activities and destinations include the Contemporary Jewish Museum, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and AT&T Park. Guests may enjoy the complimentary wine hour or eat at the in-house, Parisian-style brasserie Gaspard.

About Joie De Vivre
Joie De Vivre Hospitality group manages the largest collection of boutique properties in California including Galleria Park and Phoenix hotels. Each hotel is built and maintained to please guests by embracing the local culture. By working with the communities around them and keeping the environment in mind, Joie De Vivre encourages guests and partners to celebrate life.

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