First Thursday Daylighted Art Exhibition

Presenting work by Sixth Street Photography

Thursday, August 6th 2015

Phoenix Hotel/Chambers Eat and Drink restaurant

601 Eddy St, San Francisco CA 94109

5pm to 8pm

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San Francisco, CA - Daylighted is pleased to introduce the first chapter of its monthly local exhibition series beginning on August 6th. These monthly exhibitions will occur simultaneously with the First Thursday Art walk organized by SF APA. On this first Thursday of August, Daylighted, the San Francisco-based fine art consultancy and services company, invites you to discover the work of a local association, Sixth Street Photography, at the legendary Phoenix Hotel and Chambers Eat and Drink restaurant.

Daylighted’s mission is to make art more accessible through innovative technology that stimulates and encourages interaction with their SmArtGalleries, custom digital canvases. As part of the festivities, guests are encouraged to interact with the three ultra-HD, color-corrected SmArtGallery monitors that will be featuring Sixth Street Photography’s artwork.

When Tom Ferentz, photographer, teacher and curator, began the Sixth Street Photography Workshop in 1992, he wanted to bring photography and creative exploration to the impoverished, and oftentimes homeless residents from the Sixth Street and the Tenderloin neighborhood in San Francisco. Today, the association is a well-established art institution with a dark room in SOMArts, a gallery space on 6th St in San Francisco, and more than 300 people having gone through the program. While film and digital photography workshops provide a driving force to its participants, the association’s photographers create powerful documentary artworks giving a unique perspective on urban life. Their images gives a character to the neighborhood and a sense of connection with the subjects that only people from the inside can grasp.


Exhibiting Sixth Street Photography for this first chapter was obvious for the hotel, a well-known institution in the Tenderloin itself. And as an impeccably retro Joie de Vivre Hotel, the Phoenix Hotel boasts the perfect atmosphere to showcase the dynamic power of Daylighted’s technology.

Designed to compliment the fun and hip décor of the Phoenix Hotel and its Chambers restaurant, this digital art exhibition is set to become part of the strong art tradition at the Phoenix. The Phoenix Hotel hosted ArtPad for 2 consecutive years, an event that merged the exploration of art with relaxation and spontaneity. A tradition that Daylighted will thrive to revive for its first Thursday art walk series.


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About Sixth Street Photography:

The Sixth Street Photography Workshop finds and develops talent among the disenfranchised residents of San Francisco. It shares the art and skills of photography with very low income adults living in hotels, shelter and the homeless. The workshop offers free instruction in photography at SOMarts Cultural Center, where materials, the use of a camera and access to a chemical darkroom are offered at no cost. As members of the workshop advance they become involved in exhibitions in the community as well as the gallery.

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About Daylighted

Daylighted is a San Francisco-based fine art consultancy and services company that creates and manages digital exhibitions of contemporary art by emerging and mid-career artists. Our mission is to bring a fresh, energized and unique art to wider audiences and inject new life into the standard model of how, when and where people interact with art.

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About Phoenix Hotel and Chambers Restaurant:

How many San Francisco hotels are the crash pad and launching pad for world-renowned bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, and The Killers? Phoenix has been a home away from home for creative spirits since 1987. In 2012, they were dubbed #1 Hippest Hotel by Travel + Leisure. The funky space, wedged between San Francisco’s gritty Tenderloin district and its iconic Civic Center, incorporates ’50s architecture and design, artwork by local artists, and a tropical courtyard and heated pool in an atmosphere that feels both chic and unpretentious.

The in-house restaurant “Chambers Eat + Drink” is a veritable smorgasbord not only of tasty grub, but also artists, entertainers and assorted eye candy.

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