Daylighted recently got to attend the last Designers+Geeks meetup on the topic "Photography By Design". The event was held at Yelp awesome offices in downtown SF and was a great networking opportunity for Daylighted. There was a huge turnout and it was fun to hear about some of the other photo businesses out there.


Photography by design
Credits @Designers+Geeks

The theme of the meetup was about the consumerization of photography; the group described it by saying “Photography has shifted from being the stuff of magazines to an everyday part of our lives. Millions of people armed with smartphones and large social circles are changing the role of this art form in our culture”. The speakers from companies like Social Print Studios, Instagram, Photojojo and Lytro all touched on an unifying theme of trying to make photography shift from a traditional art form with a scary/technical daunting barrier to entry to make it accessible to a ubiquitous and avid hobbyist: the iPhone user.

“Professionalism is a barrier to creativity and I think we can all agree that being professional is less fun than not being professional” - Jen from Photojojo

Photography by design
Credits @David Horvitz

The heavy technical requirements of the craft can be very prohibitive to the average photo taker – a demographic now requiring more of themselves, their equipment, and their photographs. All the companies that gave a presentation were aiming at this demographic.

To some extent, they all market their professional products in a nonprofessional and fun way to offset the intimidation of a technical and equipment heavy craft. Social Print Studios talked about the photo boom and its creation of the new image economy. They spoke about their inception with a ‘facebook friend poster’ – a poster created from all the profile photos of a person’s Facebook friends. They are offer services specifically to get your photos “off your devices and into your hands”. Photojojo talked about the warm fuzzy look of their rentable photo drone and their fresh baked cookie smell that you can include in your equipment order for just a dollar.

As a new player in the art industry we share the same values: make beautiful photography accessible to everybody. But we also differentiate in the sense that we curate photos, and photographers we represent, for your own pleasure. We then strive for quality and professionalism by selecting only the best in photography from young talents to mature and renowned artists. And we might seem to be a little counter trend because of that in this culture.
As Lytro head guy, Wes Yun said, “I didn’t love the camera first, I loved the image first”. We have the same one goal than anyone here for this meetup:  add beauty to the world.

Thanks Designers+Geeks for a super interesting event.

See the video here:

Here’s some cool links:
Lytro -

Social Print Studios:


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