We hear a lot that photography is dead. The old way to do photography, with the traditional analog camera and the photographs that you used to develop in a photo laboratory, might be disappearing. But as Aaron Lindberg said in his article on fstoppers.com,  “Photography is not dead, photography has never been more important than it is today.”

And he is very true.

The support evolved…

Thanks to the industry digitalization, the way to take photography has changed a lot these last decades.  Digital cameras are becoming cheaper and easier to use and smartphones are taking better photos with unlimited filters. Everybody can take beautiful pictures today.

The media evolved…

And with more and more apps and websites as Instagram, 500px.com or even Facebook, photography has never been so easy to share and has the ability to spread across the world in a snap of the fingers.

Indeed, today, 200,000+ photos are uploaded on Facebook per minute (that’s 6 billion a month) and over 16 billion photos resided on Instagram. Flickr has a total of 87 million registered members and more than 3.5 million new images uploaded daily.

Photography has never been as alive as it is today.

But the business model of photography needs to evolve…

With all these means to take beautiful photos evolving, photography is accessible to everybody, and it is becoming more difficult for photographers to sell their artworks to potential clients. Not only it is an issue for professional that struggle to make  decent revenue; it is also sad that the coming generations will consider Flickr and Instagram photos as Art. Fine Art Photography is still constrained to be enjoyed in cold art galleries while Mozart and Beethoven get into your ears through iPod a decade ago.  As Thomas Werner, Curator, Educator, and Lecturer said to his professional photography students, “Photography is not dead, but the old business model is”. And this is exactly what we want to change at Daylighted: offer a new way to discover and enjoy fine art photography by changing the business model. More to come...

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