There’s a rumble in the distance - the echo of tires slapping against the pavement, the playful exchange of pig-skinned insults, the rallying cry for field domination. Football fans are making their way toward Santa Clara, with faces painted and wallets open.


Your hotel is ready for them.


On February 7, 2016, Super Bowl 50 will begin, transforming Levi’s Stadium (and the San Francisco Bay Area) into a mecca of competition. It will also transform your hotel into a success, with a surge in occupancy, revenue, and lead-ins. This event will draw crowds from across the United States, and they’ll all require accommodations - which you and your fellow hospitality workers will provide.


The Hospitality Rise


When asked about the 2016 Super Bowl, Santa Clara mayor Jaime Matthews quipped: “I don’t think any of us has any grasp of how big it’s really going to be.” Those within the hospitality industry can, however, predict their profits - with this event delivering a massive economic impact for hotels, extended stay venues, bed and breakfast facilities, and more.


A study from STR Analytics reveals that the Super Bowl generates substantial rewards in key KPI verticals, including average weekend occupancy (86.66% for last Super Bowl in Phoenix), average weekend rate ($319.65), average weekend RevPar (469.8%), and average two-week lead-ins (67.64%). These numbers prove crucial for those within the hospitality field, alerting them to potential gains and the need for improved marketing strategies.


While Santa Clara will soon experience a record-breaking wave of consumers - NSight notes that room demand has increased 170% since 2015 - some lodgings may find themselves languishing in the shallow end of success unless they adjust their strategies. For example, U.S. News reports that 13 million individuals seek out Super Bowl parties at local venues each year; yet, a study by the Knowland Group shows that 87% of hotels fail to offer this option.


This is a missed opportunity, with lodgings able to secure both room rentals and walk-in revenue. By hosting Super Bowl events, your hotel can further increase its profits - creating a multi-faceted strategy to stand apart from the competition. Embrace the game to improve your consumer appeal.




The potential for economic success proves high in 2016, with the Super Bowl celebration inspiring fans to race toward the west coast. Prepare yourself... and your hotel.



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