by: Gunnar Helliesen

The connection between lines and shapes is an attractive vision for artists; symmetry and how the designing elements convey the message of simplicity and finally transform into beautiful images.

The urban minimal architecture is often used as an inspiration for photographers. Minimalist architecture became popular in the late 1980s in London and New York and was highly influenced by Japanese traditional design and architecture.


by Peter Stewart


Geometry started from the observation of life, thus an understanding of geometry is completely essential for architectural design.

Lighting is very important to create unique compositions and captivate the beauty of the shapes that will create shadows and reflections.


Ordí Calder 1


Ordí Calder 2


There is a form that has always been very attractive to artists,  “the square”, the perfect balance and one of the first shapes that a child can identify.

The square and its diagonal, played a central role in Roman architecture.

Paul Klee,  embraced the full power of abstraction by fractioning the landscape into squares in 1914. One year later, Kazimir Malevich did an iconic painting called “The Black Square” (1915)`,  one of the seminal works of modern art . 

A  square repeated in perspective  multiple times will create a  mirror image perfectly balanced. Playing with perspective is essential to capture the basic geometric forms.



by Peter Stewart


The alignments of the formations and the repetitions also generate  patterns, the contrasts of basic colors and the simple and clean spaces of minimal architectural design allows artists to manipulate the shapes and make unique stills.


by Dan Root 1



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