Artbots by Liz Mamorsky

My analog Artbots are culled from the detritus of technology, a never ending stream of e-waste. The speed of technological redundancy is astounding. No sooner is a new product created than it is rendered obsolete. I am the recipient of a small portion of that obsolescence. Living and working in San Francisco, CA, I have access to Silicon Valley and reclaimed electronics of all ilk.Large motherboards from the Cobb Mountain and Geysers power plants in northern California, emblazoned with gaudy resistors and capacitors, flesh out and clothe these wall-hung Bots constructed on wooden armatures. I also find PC boards and keyboards in scrap yards, and dismantle computers and other machines to retrieve a vast array of electronic gew-gaws. Hard drives, esp. the old ones, have marvelous innards: copper coil step-motors, stroboscopic timing wheels, platters and their separators. New drives are more compact but still contain jewel-like mini-parts. Cell phones too house beautiful components.

Featured artist: Liz Mamorsky

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