Bye bye baby by Alexandra Sophie

Alexandra Sophie

Bavilliers, FRANCHE-COMTE - France


Alexandra Sophie, born in 1992, is a fashion and fine art photographer from France. Due to a long illness, she stopped school early and started her career in photography as a self-taught photographer. Her work and editorials were seen in Vogue US, Vogue UK, Numero, and Elle girl Korea. Alexandra’s fashion and fine art work questions identity in all forms: human kind and its relations with the environment, sexuality, as well as age and growing up.

Local shows

- Spaces (collective), november 2014, Festival Trieste Photo days, Trieste, Italy
- Correspondance visuelle '13 (collective), october 2014, Festival Les Confrontations Photo, Gex, France
- Correspondance visuelle '13 (collective), september 2014, Festival MAP14, Toulouse, France
- Correspondance visuelle '13 (collective), may 2014, Galerie La Fontaine Obscure, Aix-En-Provence, France
- Correspondance visuelle '13 (collective), march 2014, Salon international de photo, Riedishiem, France
- Takuramifesu (collective), january 2014, Shibuya-ku, Japan
- Renaissance (collective), dec. 13/jan. 14, Chalk house Gallery, London
- Correspondance visuelle '13 (collective), 2013, Salon de la photo, Paris
- VOGUE New exposure (collective),​ ​2013,​ ​Open House Gallery, New York
- Huis Clos: Le couple (collective), Festival MAP13, 2013,​ ​Toulouse
- Worbz Vintage (collective), 2012,​ ​Bruxelles, Belgium
- Fashion photo of the year (collective), Festival MAP12, 2012,​ ​Toulouse
- Liberté dans la ville (collective), 2012, Galerie de l'Espace Beaurepaire, Paris
- Through our lenses (collective), 2011, Paris
- Through our lenses (collective), 2011,​ ​Liège, Belgium
- Je veux croire (solo),​ ​2011,​ ​Paris
- Je veux croire (solo),​ ​2011, au Conseil Général​ ​​de Belfort, France
- Un rêve en vert (collective),​ ​Festival MAP10, 2010,​ ​Toulouse
- Exposition jeunes talents (collective), 2009 à Bavillers, France
- Exposition jeunes talents (collective), 2008 à Bavillers, France
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