Fabulous little creatures # 30 by Anita Vincze

Anita Vincze

Budapest, PEST - Hungary


Anita lives and works in Budapest, Hungary. Design and creation were always present in her life, as she has a background in fashion design.

After a long period of fascination with photography, she completed an advanced course in Contemporary Fine Art Photography. Encouraged by her mentors, leading Hungarian fine art photographers, Anita is developing her creativity mainly in portrait and abstract photography.

Anita is drawn to recording beauty around us. She considers the sensor of her camera to be a raw canvas that awaits to be filled. When shooting in color she tends to favor vivid palettes, however in her portfolios the timelessness of black and white photography is also beautifully presented.

Anita aims to take the viewers of her photography onto a journey where the world with all its beauty is rediscovered from unexpected perspectives.

** Various print sizes are available on request **

Local shows

Group Exhibitions


Fine Art, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece

Monochrome, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece

2018 Maitland International Salon of Photography, Maitland, Australia

Cityscape, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece

2nd Swedish International Exhibition of Photography, Malmö, Sweden (FIAP Ribbon Monochrome award)

Onyx 2018 International Exhibition of Photography, Campina, Romania

Celebration Photo Salon, PhotoArt Magazine, Prague, Czech Republic

Vision Excellence Awards 2018 – Miami Photo Center, Miami, United States (Fine Art Finalist)


2017 Termeszetfoto Magazin (Nature Photography Magazine), Hungary, March issue

Anita Vincze - Album: Fabulous little creatures

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