Gray by Anna Sidi

Anna Sidi

Tralee, KERRY - Ireland


A Graphic Designer and Artist living in Co.Kerry, Ireland.
Anna helps the modern business owners to achieve the 'wow factor' for their clients through fresh and inspiring art. She also aids private customers in furnishing their new homes by creating gorgeous pieces for the walls. In order to make the process as straightforward as possible, the online pieces are displayed on walls enabling the observer to judge the certain piece for him/herself.
Anna Sidi Yacoub is commonly known to create digital paintings which feature the process of metamorphosis, allowing the viewer to break away from the traditional representation of various visual realities when creating the pieces of art. Her inspiration comes from the infinite, refreshing and everlasting water flow present in natural landscape. The artworks emphasize layers or texture as well as fluidity, creating a calming and relaxing effect and permitting the viewer to experience the painting's journey in their own way.

Artist statement

She's inspired by the natural sunlight, vivid colors found in nature and fluids. Her works are a visual celebration of human nature and life. Most of her abstract paintings are inspired by liquids, mainly water in oceans and rivers. They bring back vibrant memories from her childhood spent in Poland.
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