Updo by Anysasaleh



Bay area artist interested in the contemporary issues Middle Eastern Muslim Americans deal with.

website: www.anysasaleh.com

Artist statement

My work sometimes acts as a satire. In this I educate the curious about Arab Muslim women in the United States. I release my frustrations of having to act as an ambassador for the exotic foreigner throughout my art. The context is drawn from personal experiences that are then fictionized to become relatable to every ethnic background. I try to find the common link between what is foreign and the norm in ethnicity and culture.

Cultural appropriation and the dialogue of racism go hand in hand by asking what is/isn’t acceptable, cool, okay, fashion forward, etc. I challenge my viewer to disregard my Islamic dress code by seeing that I too am participating in cultural appropriation down to my American Apparel jellies. Questions about identity are front and center in my video vignettes, sound pieces, and Internet works.

Local shows

Aggregate Gallery, Oakland CA

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