Numero 23 by Arles Gayo

Arles Gayo

Barcelona - Spain


I was born in Barcelona, on February 21. 80s. Decade of metamorphosis in multiple sectors. Political, social, cultural, aesthetic, among many others.
I suppose that the fact of growing up in a concrete era can be considered as something relevant and influential, in part, in the formation of an individual.
It is said, in psychological terms, that the cause that causes problems of shyness in a person, apart from genetics, is the over-stimulation he receives from his own inner world. I would say that I was one of those people. Maybe for that reason I decided to devote myself to art. Discovering that I could distill my imagination and my emotions through it was like a flash of hopeful light that gave me the opportunity to recover my voice.

Among several disciplines I opted for drawing and painting. This was, among all of them, which from the beginning could be carried out with greater ease.
My learning was totally autodidact. I think art education is valuable, but it shouldn't be excessive. I have always preferred to continue evolving in my own way, trying to preserve the authenticity, and the virtues and defects that define it, as if it were the intrinsic part of a being. I consider it very important that my works are, to the greatest extent possible, personal and original, and convey the feeling of having been created entirely from my perspective, using only my natural attributes, and not through a common globalized theory, or of the application of standardized techniques.
I reject fashions. However, my paintings radiate modernity and freshness.It would be said that this work dresses with surrealism and fantasy, although what is hidden behind this dreamlike veil is more similar to the concept of an illustrated personal diary, where different themes and allegories interact, which I use to manifest my perception of the outside world and inside. In this process, I usually resort to various subjects, such as technology, futurism, melancholy, spirituality, the dream world, parallel realities, code messages, or conspiracy, among others.
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