Updo Purple by Barbara Pollak-Lewis

Barbara Pollak-Lewis

San Francisco, CA - United States


Barbara Pollak-Lewis has lived in San Francisco, CA for almost 30 years.
Her influences include mid-century American advertising, figurative painters such as Amy Sherald, Alice Neel, Max Beckmann and John Currin

Artist statement

My early subject matter addresses a mid-20th century sanitized sensibility of repression, conformity and unhappiness. By choosing to paint in limited, muted colors, I aim to recreate the feeling of faded advertisements. Much of this work is paired with text to emphasize the absurdity of the message.

My more recent "Scream" series is a personal reaction to our current political climate. Frustration, angst, sadness and despair are a subjects I explore extensively in my work.

‚ÄčIn all my work, I explore the disconnect between the idea of perceived happiness vs. our current reality. In the 21st century we are dealing with gender and racial inequality, environmental calamity and a lack of faith in our future. Our children's generation is depicted screaming in reaction to an uncertain and dark future.

Local shows

SF Open Studios Weekend and Dates
Weekend 5: Nov 11-12

SF Open Studios Neighborhood

SF Open Studios Group Site (if applicable)
Art Explosion

SF Open Studios Address
744 Alabama St
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