Ebony by Carrie Zeidman

Carrie Zeidman


Carrie Zeidman is an award winning digital artist and photographer. She started her art career over twenty years ago as a commercial graphic artist, one of the first to use a personal computer to create art. She founded a successful graphics art company, Elán Studios, where she created advertisements, company materials, and websites for large and small businesses including Hewlett Packard and Cisco Systems. Her commercial artwork even appeared on display at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

About ten years ago she left the commercial art world to devote her time to fine art, her first love. She used her computer illustration expertise to create her own unique style, a style that combines the techniques of digital illustration with the expression and creativity of traditional painting. Since she moved into fine art, she has won numerous awards and honors for her art, including being named “Distinguished Artist of the Year” by the Fine Arts Commission of Cupertino in 2013. Her piece Freedom Rises in the East is on permanent display at the Checkpoint Charlie Museum in Berlin, Germany.

Carrie’s passions are photography, art, travel, and history, all of which are found in her book, Ghosts – Images of War. She is a tenth-generation Californian and a fourteenth generation American. Many years of researching her extensive family history, traveling to historic battle grounds, and creating her unique art all come together in her first book.

Carrie lives in Cupertino, California with her husband Bob, who is also an author of several books. She lives on a mountain top that affords her a different breathtaking view of the sunrise over the Santa Clara Valley every morning, providing endless artistic inspiration.

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