Vibrant Green Fern by Creative Vibe

Creative Vibe


Scottish and based in the Caribbean, Creative Vibe's current work is influenced by her tropical environment. She enjoys playing with light and colour to produce gleaming, jewel like shades in her pieces.

Artist statement

Creative Vibe's recent work comes in the aftermath of the devastating hurricane Irma which ripped apart the island of Saint Martin where she is based on the 6th of September 2017.

Creating fresh new pieces offers escapism from the harsh reality of living on an island where 95% of buildings were damaged or destroyed. Irma, in a matter of hours, permanently and radically altered the lives of the population. Mother Nature has great force and unlimited power. Now, we see that the fauna is returning and our island will one day be beautiful again. That nature recovers more quickly and adapts more speedily than man is an evidence that Creative Vibe observes every day. Enjoy her work and celebrate in the beauty of the natural world.
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