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The Mission of The Directed Art Modern is to Keep Art For Artsake.

The mission of The Directed Art Modern is to be a service to and for artists in all levels of their careers, this includes: exhibitions management, and opening doors to not only collectors, but also to the public, in general. To facilitate this, The DAM is a melding of individuals from the art world – an artist, and a curator bringing 27 years of art market experience and by combining these aspects The DAM is able to cover a myriad of topics relating to the career of the artist. With this combination The DAM is able to not only encourage the artist but is also able to negotiate terms for the artist and navigate the labyrinth of today’s modern art market seeking the best opportunities for the artist to move forward in his/her career, thus leaving the artist to be concerned with nothing but his/her artistic vision. With the ever increasing prices of exhibiting in the modern art market The DAM believes that the art market should be taken back from the vanity trend and returned to the realm of reward for one’s creativity – to do this The DAM will explore not only traditional modes of exhibition, but also innovative locations. Lastly, The DAM’s entire modus operandi is to protect art, the artist, to keep them in the realm of their art and vision, to keep the artist away from the tag of being a money making entity – to keep art for art’s sake.

Local shows

Chinese Dream, East Miami, Miami Florida
Rendering Utopia, Scope Miami booth A03

DAM - Album: New

DAM - Album: Hermes Berrio

DAM - Album: Guang-Yu Zhang

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