Lava by David Roskilly

David Roskilly

London - Uk


I am an artist, designer and photographer living and working in London. My work explores the idea of the intertextuality that exists on every surface of the modern visual environment, mostly unobserved but always present and it’s historical and continuing communication. It's concerned with where this dialogue originates from and to where it extends. It is also concerned with the occurrence of the abstract against this backdrop.

In all cases if you go close enough to the detail with the correct level of magnification, you are then able to step back and see the whole continuum of meaning spread out in front of you, covering the streets in an infinitely complex mosaic or tapestry of communication that moves back into the past and forward into the future, constantly changing but always present.

A lot of the work is collage on canvas, board or paper. The material comes in most cases from the street, usually ripped off pieces of street art, advertising and anything else left on the walls. There is also a lot of photography, again from the urban streets of many cities.

Artist statement

I'm particularly interested in moving this mosaic of communication into a new context; into the environment in which people live, work and relax.

With photography I attempt the pattern recognition that allows another iteration of the anarchy, filtering it, searching for the patterns in the chaos. With collage the constituent parts are free to form new patterns and ideas, set against a different environment and continuing the communication in a new context.

Local shows

Patterns in Anarchy
But First Coffee

Boulangerie Bon Matin
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