Iconic Rumination - Evergreen by David Shipley

David Shipley

Palm Springs, CA - United States


Growing up in Texas, I never stopped drawing, never stopped painting. Focused on establishing myself as a skilled painter and sculptor, my formal art training included studying at the Cornish School of the Arts, the University of Texas/Austin, Texas Tech University/Lubbock, and Cal State/Long Beach.
My work strives to harness the visceral impact of abstract art until it best expresses my personal outlook on life. Over time, I've transitioned from oils into my new medium of choice: acrylics. I feel they add an intense immediacy to my work. No matter the medium in which I work, however, I have long been fascinated by color contrasts and their ability to invoke emotion and incite reaction. By applying a vibrant color scheme to the intensity of my paintings and sculptors, my sometimes quixotic artwork can be both kinetic and soothing at the same time. Clearly, I've been striving to create a separate reality, a parallel universe. I've been exhibiting since 1980, have had a dozen solo exhibitions, museum shows, public sculptures, and have participated in eighteen group shows. After spending most of my adult life in Southern California, I currently work out of my studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I still maintain my bicoastal connection to Southern California.

Artist statement

"I experience a constantly evolving inner dialog, a veritable kaleidoscope of imagery which incorporates colors and shapes until they unfold into a multiplicity of ever-changing images. These manifestations may range from joyous and vibrant to dark and disturbing; but for me they also reflect my myriad life experiences spent exploring the many Conversations we experience - with God, with ourselves and with the people around us."

Local shows

Two public Sculptures at main library ,Texas Woman University, Denton, Texas

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