Fall Leaves Abstract 12 by Rebecca Cozart

Rebecca Cozart

Keizer, OREGON - United States


I am a self-taught photographer, who like most photographers is always looking for that unique perspective that “special something” in an image. My work embraces and encompasses various styles - from clean, crisp well-defined images with an interesting and vital point of view - to compelling compositions and fresh simplicity. My aim is to entice the viewer to look at the details, to become aware of the color and form of the subject. I strive to create a certain “look and feel” to my work whether the images are flowers, landscapes, water drops, classic cars or anything else that catches my eye. My images maintain a “clean-ness” about them. Even when using textures to enhance a photo, the viewer is drawn in and the subject maintains its focus and importance.

Artist statement

I am inspired by color, form and that unique perspective.
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