On Wet Sands #1 by Ed Morris

Ed Morris

South Wales, UK


Hello and welcome to my site. I hope you enjoy your visit.
I am a photographer based in South Wales, UK. I initially became involved in photography in the late 1970's/early 1980's using Olympus equipment namely a Trip, an OM10, followed by the OM4, and I had access to darkroom facilities during my time as a university student. The electronics in the OM4 eventually failed and consequently my interest in photography was "parked" while family and work commitments took priority. Recently with the advent of digital technology and the versatility offered by smart phones, I once again began to experiment. The darkroom has been replaced by computer software and currently I'm using the following cameras to capture the initial image:

Apple iPhone
Lumix LF1
Canon SX50
Canon 5D mk iii
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