Gottlieb- California Pool / Diving Board by Jane Gottlieb

Jane Gottlieb


“Jane Gottlieb is a colorist.

This descriptive term is used sparingly since few artists have been blessed with the ability to utilize color as the principle component of an art work.

Gottlieb’s vibrant art challenges both the mind and the
eye. Channeled through a remarkable imagination
and disciplined eye, she delivers to us a visual universe
of unparalleled wonders.
These are classically beautiful works in theme and composition, but move well beyond tradition in interpretation and critical placement of exuberant color.

This art is not about superficial razzle-dazzle.
Instead, Jane Gottlieb’s works are about color’s understanding of natural form.
If the role of art is to cause us to better understand ourselves and the environment in which we reside,
then Jane Gottlieb’s artworks are a resounding success.”
Dr. Louis Zona, Director, Butler Institute of American Art
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