GRANDE FINALE SUITE 1 - Melodramatic Ending by John Hwang

John Hwang

Chengdu, SICHUAN - China


Me, Ego, Selfie: A modern silly artie Don Johnxote

"For more than thirty years Mr Hua Huang (aka. John Hwang) has devoted himself to fine art with a wide range of pursuits in calligraphy, Shakespearean drama, vox reproduction, photography and video/graphic designing. He claims that he is a visual thespian in view of his unparalleled vision and craft to get himself across to the audience that the true art is to express in the optimum way to deliver the most impactful result. He firmly believes that the variety and subtlety are the spice and taste of art."

---Track Record: Impressionism, Expressionism; Photojournalism, Surrealism and Abstraction;

---Exhibition: 20 works were successfully exhibited for a month in Bolivar in April 2017. This is his individual exhibition at the invitation of the Permanent and International Photo Gallery in the Chamber of Commerce Bolivar Argentine.

---Hobby & Interest: Language Specialist Training; Multitrack; Vintage Tape Deck, Writing

Artist statement

"A modern silly artie Don Johnxote who keeps fighting shadows in the shadow play."

"The best image I'm afraid, comes NOT from lens, nor from perspective, but from our mind's eye."

"Variety and Subtlety are the spice and taste of art." ---John Hwang

Local shows

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