Four Kisses by Joy Johnson

Joy Johnson

San Francisco, CA - United States


My name is Joy Johnson. I am a Photo Montage Artist. I've always loved the montage. It’s an art form when anything can be together and anything can happen. All the elements of my montages are my own original photographs. I used to use my 35mm camera, scissors, copy stand, no lights, and a secret step to make my montages. In 2003 I got my computer. You can guess which arts I did which way!
Thank You, Artist Joy Johnson.

Artist statement

The feeling I get when I do/ look at my art inspires me.
Please see my flickr page too https://www.flickr.com/people/artistjoy

Local shows

I am currently showing in San Francisco at:
The Phoenix Hotel 601 Eddy Street (415)-776-1380
Artisans of SF 2549 Irving Street 415 921 0456
Green Apple Books, 1231 9th Ave. San Francisco, CA (415) 387 2272
Hunt and Gather 1108 Irving Street, San Francisco, Ca 94122 (415) 828- 1618

Joy Johnson - Album: Artist Joy Johnson

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