Carmen by Justine Maillard

Justine Maillard

Charleville-Mézières - France


Born in the town of Arthur Rimbaud, Justine has always had a passion for literature and poetry.
She fell in love with photography while exploring life with her father, an amateur photographer who never left home without his Nikon FM.
She soon achieved her first shots.

Exploring the world and herself soon became indispensable. That incredible medium slowly became her own mirror, a playground where reality would combine with the world of dreams in a mystical way...
Therapy, research, experiments and openings : Justine delivers a psychological and graphical world where everyone can give a try to introspection.
Justine, more than ever involved in her passion, has never hesitated to invest everything in her projects, and most specifically in the making of the collection "Paris, ma Jolie" which took her eight years during
which she had to mix photography and performing arts.

At the age of 27, she already did exhibitions and museology projects in the most popular of the parisians nights venues : Le Moulin Rouge, Chez Maxim's, le Bouillon Racine, le Pharamond.
Her lastest work in project is her artbook, dedicated to "Paris, ma jolie", in fine art printing, gold embossed works.

Local shows

"Paris, ma jolie" the fine artbook is available on limited series 300 ex. on Etsy : http://etsy.me/2hQ5SwV
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