Untitled 96 (Airbrush Paint on Wesson Oil) by Keith Petersen

Keith Petersen

Piedmont, CA - United States


Keith Petersen is an artist and photographer living in the East Bay. He graduated from CCAC with a BFA in Photography and has shown work in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area.

Artist statement

This work investigates the nature of the materials and methods with which I create my art. The compositions incorporate oils, iron oxides, chlorophyll and other pigments that are foraged from nature. I use magnetization, wind, kinetic energy and other methods to push and pull the pigments over surfaces to create the pieces. Time and environment are factors as well; sunlight, heat and cold add rust, corrosion and decay into the ephemeral works.

Because of the impermanent nature of the materials and compositions it is the photograph capturing a moment within the process that is the end result. In the final production stages I explore traditional photographic processes including solarization, cross processing, and split toning.

Local shows

SF Open Studios Weekend and Dates
Weekend 3, Oct 27-28

SF Open Studios Neighborhood

SF Open Studios Group Site (if applicable)
Dogpatch Collective

SF Open Studios Address
1661 Tennessee St Suite 3D, San Francisco, CA, 94107
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