Come Home by Laurie Rosenberg

Laurie Rosenberg


Laurie Rosenberg, a retired elementary school teacher, living in Israel, has a varied background in art. With a degree in Textiles and Clothing and a minor in art from Arizona State University her working experiences have covered clothing design, sales, and teaching art. Having studied painting, drawing, ceramics and photography it was always hard for her to choose just one field, one medium.
After retiring from teaching two years ago she made the decision to pursue painting and to get involved with the local artists' community. In 2015, after having her work reviewed by a committee of well-known artists, she was accepted into the Herzliya Artists Organization.
Now painting is her main focus. Working in acrylic because of its flat tones and quick drying ability Laurie set a goal to paint every day and to get her work out there to be seen by the public.

Artist statement

I am fascinated with photographs and films of the 1940's and 50's. My current body of work is influenced by images of that time.
I use the monochrome pallet of blue to give my paintings a "retro" or vintage feeling. This blue is sad and melancholy and is a modern take on the old black and white photographs.
In my new paintings of couples I have used symbols from Native Americans that give clues to the relationship of the couple. My earlier paintings were solitary figures who I wanted to paint because of an emotion, loneliness or thoughtfulness I saw in their eyes or body language.
you can find me at Lauriepaintings.com or @lauriespaintings on Instagram .
contact me at Lauriespaintings@gmail.com

Local shows

I am currently showing in several on line galleries, International Galley of the Arts,and Fusion Gallery, Palm Springs. Light Space and Time online, Colors of Humanity online, Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery online and Contemporary Art Gallery Online are all sites where I have shown my art.
I have shown in local galleries where I live in addition to showing in the city theater building and the larger arts center.
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