Walking the Dog by Laurie Rosenberg

Laurie Rosenberg


Laurie always wanted to be an artist. Through the years she studied painting, pottery, photography, fashion design and more. She has a degree from Arizona State University in textiles and clothing with a minor in art history. Laurie spent many years working in the fashion industry in L.A. and Tel Aviv. During the 16 years before her retirement she was an elementary school teacher.

In 2014 she retired and started painting every day, a year later she had her first solo show "Retro". Her preference is acrylics for painting as they dry quickly and have a matte finish. She also does collage using recycled materials. Her works are influenced by photography, old movies, (1940's-50), cars, and words.

She is a member of the Herzliya Artists Organization since March 2015.
She has been a Daylighted artist since 2017, with works in over 30 collections that are shown on LED screens in hotels and businesses all over the United States.

Her paintings are in private collections in Israel and the United States.

Artist statement

My current paintings are influenced by the women's movement.
I use the colour pallet of yellows to give my paintings a feeling of warmth and hope.

In my paintings of couples I have used symbols from Native Americans that give clues to the relationship of the couple.
My earlier paintings were solitary figures done in shades of blue who I wanted to paint because of an emotion, loneliness or thoughtfulness I saw in their eyes or body language.

Collage is another technique I use to express myself, usually it is combined with text. Words inspire many of these works.

you can find me at Lauriepaintings.com or @lauriespaintings on Instagram .
contact me at Lauriespaintings@gmail.com

Local shows

I am currently showing in several on line galleries, International Galley of the Arts,and Fusion Gallery, Palm Springs. Light Space and Time online, Colors of Humanity online, Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery online and Contemporary Art Gallery Online are all sites where I have shown my art.
I have shown in local galleries where I live in addition to showing in the city theater building and the larger arts center.

March 2019 showing At ZOA House, Tel Aviv, Israel
April-June, 2019 showing at Art Gallery Hotel, Haifa, Israel
May-June 2019 showing at Universal Art Gallery, Tel Aviv/Jaffa, Israel
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