Jesse Rutherford of The Neighbourhood by Maggie Corwin

Maggie Corwin

San Francisco, CA


Since graduating from the Academy of Art University with a photography degree in 2007, I have worked with large companies and small start ups. I've been a featured contributor for Another Planet Entertainment, Showbams, Buzzine Magazine, SF Critic, and Thrillcall. I specialize in live music photography. My extensive portfolio features emerging and established bands from around the globe including Florence & The Machine, Foster the People, Of Monsters and Men, The Decemberists, and more.

My personal work includes a series entitled 'Along the Waterfront' where I experimented with cross-processing-a technique of deliberately processing one type of film in a chemical solution intended for another type of film. With this process I began to capture moments that made me feel calm and peaceful. To view more of my work visit: http://www.maggiemaephoto.com/

Artist statement

Music, Fashion, Food, Beach, Ocean, Water, Outdoors
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