Blond by Marcella Lassen

Marcella Lassen

Lustmühle, AR - Switzerland


An American artist who has lived in Europe for more than three decades, Marcella Lassen is a native of Southern California. She completed a BFA Degree cum laude in Fine Arts and Art History at the University of Southern California in 1975. Moving to Europe permanently in 1976, she has lived and worked in Germany, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland. She completed a further degree in Monumental Painting at the Art Academy in Brussels in 1998. Marcella Lassen has exhibited throughout Europe continuously since 1987 and has gallery representation in Switzerland, the U.S. and China. She currently maintains a studio in Switzerland.

Artist statement

I began painting at the age of 4 and knew from then onward there was nothing else I wanted to do more. I completed a BFA at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles as well as a 7 year diploma course in Monumental Painting at the Art Academy in Brussels. Today I am in the privileged position of being a fulltime professional artist.
Although my work is vividly contemporary, my technique is derived from the Old Masters of Western Art. Working exclusively in oil paint, I mix every color that I use myself, as I consider color an intrinsic part of my signature style. Because my technique is very time-consuming I spend 7 to 9 hours daily at the canvas.
Though my paintings may appear photo-realistic upon first glance, a closer look reveals my more unique style of collaging people and objects together in one composition, without concern for scale or setting, giving each piece a sense of the surreal. I utilize this strategy to hold up a mirror to society as I investigate cultural icons, from celebrities to everyday objects weighted with meaning.


Local shows

ArtBlend Gallery, Fort Lauderdale
Art Hamptons 2015
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