Intersections 14 by Mark Gould

Mark Gould

San Francisco, CA - United States


I come from a family of artists, photographers and architects. In many ways early on there was an emphasis placed on composition, shape and form. I began learning to compose visuals in a frame, through the lens of a camera early and pursue nonrepresentational or altered images for my work. I look for abstraction in the play of light and shadow as a process of interpreting alternate communication of meaning, perception and insight. I also take pictures and paint everyday street scenes in one of my favorite cities, San Francisco.

I've been working with digital media for 35 years now and the tools are my preference; I make a conscious choice as do street artists and so many others to take modern art outside of conventional settings or formal structures, and continually examine the nature of communication, technology, the internet, duplication, replication, remix and reconciliation. It's always a joy to see how other artists use digital media, in so many different ways.

Artist statement

abstract, abstract expressionism, collage, sculpture, architecture, design, interior design

Local shows

SIGGRAPH digital art exhibits, 1990-2005
New College, Social Change Art and Transformation, 2002-2009
Digital Media Exhibit 2013, Rocky Neck Art Colony
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