Striped Clouds_00065_B by Petra Ute Trimmel

Petra Ute Trimmel

San Francisco, CALIFORNIA - United States


Petra Ute Trimmel combines photography and graphic art to make stunning abstract wall-art designs and fantasy landscapes. Petra's designs span the color spectrum, some very colorful, some muted to provide a selection that will fit your interior design needs.

Petra loves to experiment with a variety of looks. Her art allows the viewer to have a sense of wonder and curiosity, to add to their experience of space. Petra's artful blends of colors create stunning compositions.

Shaped by her expertise in graphic art, photography and product development, Petra's art is geared to visually enhance your hotel, workplace and healthcare-setting or residential home, with art-lovers across the globe.

Instagram: @petrauteartstudio

Artist statement

My artwork takes a new view at enchanting and familiar places. In my work, I get inspired by places, nature I visit and things I see. Having subjects as diverse as a city’s downtown architecture or the remote wilderness in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, my work reproduces familiar visual signs, arranging them into new conceptually layered pieces. I invite the viewer to move into the visual story I created in the art, yet make it their own.
Often these themes are stylistically simplified into still but dynamic landscapes, or combined to create a new fantasy-filled, surreal scenery or abstract interpretation of a beautiful object. In a somewhat realistic looking landscape you might find whimsical details.
Some of the colors I choose establish a dream-like surreal quality, suggest notions of calmness, other compositions are bright, playful and filled with fiesta-like life.
The artwork names usually relate to the place I visited or object I looked at, when I was inspired to create the piece, rather than what the viewer is supposed to see in the finished artwork. Let your imagination fly freely!
At times the artwork you see is part of a series. Multiple works, related in style or color palette allow you to group them for a themed look in your space or home.
During my time out in nature, or walking through a busy city, new areas of inspiration lead to the next body of work. Stay tuned.
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