PtReyes Seashore in Mist by Craig Mole

Craig Mole

San Francisco, CA - United States


Craig Mole Photography specializes in fine art photography consisting of landscapes, city scapes, nature and wildlife. Active in these genres as well as commercial product photograph over the past 30+ years, Craig has collectors all over the Bay Area and throughout the country and would love to count you among them.

Artist statement

I am addicted. There is something magical about pointing a little "box" at the world and then taking that carefully chosen slice of life home and transforming that captured representation into my feeling of what I had just seen. I am often asked when viewers engage some of my work, “Is that real? Are those the true colors?” I usually respond by saying that when I was young I wanted to be able to paint. I loved the few art and painting classes I attended as a young boy. Alas, I was not a very good painter, but the urge never went away. My camera and my photographic explorations have helped me express things in a way that I was unable to in those early years. I try to use the camera to convey what I feel at the various locations I visit. Sometimes, mere rusted scratches on an old door will convey the feeling of the most delicate calligraphy. Likewise, a time exposure can be used to transform the shape of waves into a sense of the energy they carry. I feel especially fortunate to be a landscape photographer in California. The extent of amazing scenery and natural wonders seems overwhelming at times. I’m sure I’ll never be able to document them all in my lifetime. From the sublime, almost mystical depths and colors of Death Valley, through the soaring granite sentinels of the Sierra, to the rugged, untamed Pacific coastline, it is an almost incomparable land of beauty and variety that I am privileged to capture and bring home for others to enjoy.

Local shows

Annual SF Open Studios at various locations

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