Orange Flower by Randi Grace Nilsberg

Randi Grace Nilsberg

Horten, NORWAY - Norway


I wish to share with you some of the beauty I have noticed around me. I hope it gives you a brief escape from your everyday worries!

I don’t always know what I want with an image, but it always starts with a photo of something random that for one reason or the other caught my attention. It could be the beauty of an object itself or the beauty within the object. It could be the story from the inside, something you may not be able to see at first. Something that is revealed through the light and the shadows, the texture and colors. When I see what I feel in my work it’s finished. If the viewer resonates with it, we’re on the same path.

I want my art to show you something extraordinary or beautiful in everyday things and also to let you have a pleasant escape from reality for a moment. Hopefully some of my images will make you stop, breathe and actually SEE the beauty that surrounds you even on days when things aren't as good as you would like. I truly hope you find something here that will give you a mindful experience! That would make me happy too!

I have had a few local exhibitions, and I have also been invited to show my work outside Norway. Some of my images are shown on digital screens in hotels and art fairs in both America and Europe.

I was born in Workington, England but I have lived most of my life in Norway. When I was little the best Christmas gifts I could get were coloring books, crayons, modeling clay or anything that encouraged my creativity. For many years drawing was one of my favorite things to do. When I was 9 my parents took my brother and me on a trip to England to see my grandparents. Someone gave me a Diana plastic-bodied camera, and I took my very first photos, but it wasn’t until several years later that my interest in photography was fully awakened. This happened after I had seen a beautiful photo in National Geographic Magazine of a tree with a snow covered apple.

Are you looking for a piece of art for your home or work space, a calming piece for your waiting room, perhaps? Maybe you need the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t really need anything, or you’ve got the present, but need the right card to go with it. If so, you’ve come to the right place. If you take a few minutes to browse through my images, I’m sure you’ll find something you like whether it is for yourself or someone else. I think my art would be a good investment for hospitals and institutions as well as any home or office.

I offer the missing piece, the image that turns your house into a home or makes your office or waiting room a place with a relaxed atmosphere. Forget the world around you and drift away to wherever my image takes you!

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Instagram: @gracefulfoto
Twitter : @RandiGraceNilsb
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GracefulFoto


Artist statement

I find inspiration everywhere I go. I have a trained eye and always try to see little mysteries and the beauty in everyday things.

Local shows

Artshopping 2017 in Carousel de Louvre, Paris. Oct 20-22.

Randi Grace Nilsberg - Album: Macro Photography

Randi Grace Nilsberg - Album: Textures

Randi Grace Nilsberg - Album: Doberman Diezel

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