MOONGOLF by Reine Paradis

Reine Paradis


Born in 1989 and graduated from the Gobelins School of Visual Communication in Paris, Reine Paradis is among the primitives of the future of art. She flew off to Los Angeles in 2012. There, distant from the weight of history that at times asphyxiates European Art, she found her own phrasing. The artist feels free under California skies. Her photos open a new avenue in contemporary creation, and offer a spectacular, exhilarating headway in their purpose and in the art of today: the artist sows some confusion and a joy most welcome in the present leaden world.

Artist statement

Reine Paradis constructs narrative photographs staging herself as the central figure in a surreal landscape.

Shot in many locations throughout America, the photo series takes us on an introspective journey across a symbolic and chromatic world, projected above the limit of reality and imagination.

All the scenes are imagined and conceptualized before shooting in real locations. Once the scene is visualized in it’s entirety, Paradis makes sketches and paints the scene to use as a blue print when photographing the final scene. All the costumes, accessories and origamis are meticulously designed and prepared according to the initial vision of the scene.

Each scene is an adventure and a story in and of itself.

Local shows

Upcoming Exhibitions:

Solo Exhibition in Miami
Midnight photo series
Excerpts of the documentary "Queen Of Paradis"directed by Carl Lindstrom
October 2018
Markowicz Fine Art
110 NE 40th St, Miami, FL 33137

Solo Exhibition in Paris
Midnight photo series
Excerpts of the documentary "Queen Of Paradis"directed by Carl Lindstrom
November 2018
Opening reception November 8th
Gallery Catherine et Andre Hug
40, rue de Seine / 2, rue de l’Echaudé

Solo Exhibition in Denver
Featuring "Midnight" photo series & premiere of feature film documentary "Queen Of Paradis"
March 2019
Visions West Contemporary Gallery
2605 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205
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