The 2 million dollar Violin by Shaun Alexander

Shaun Alexander

Los Angeles CA


Shaun Alexander, known for his iconic fashion photography and super surrealistic images have decorated the cover of many magazines, gallery walls and homes of Hollywood celebrities
Shaun's background in art and sculpting enabled him to create images that are beyond ordinary, his love for art and photography started at an early age
Shaun continues to wow us with his ability to transform, recreate and reinvent new ways to inspire anyone that he comes in contact with
Artists and photographers travel thousands of miles to attend his lectures and photography workshops.
Shaun also works and lectures in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, London, Vienna, Paris, Milan, Prague, Shanghai, Dubai and many metropolitan cities

He is not only an artist at heart but a mentor and inspiration to those that wish to pursue a career in art and photography

Shaun's latest photography work can be seen at:


and for more info about his photography workshops and private photo courses and online classes, please visit:


Or call us at 310 213 7700

Artist statement

Salvador Dali
Helmut Newton
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