La petite fille volée de Banksy by Sandrine Mulas

Sandrine Mulas

Issy Les Moulineaux, FRANCE - France


When I was a child and looked up to the sky, I felt drawned up by « blackholes » in space and end-less vortexes were nothing can escape from. At that age, somnambulism ( ou sleepwalking) crisis and being sucked up , kept on haunting my nightmares.
And since then, I am still threatened by this idea of being swallowed and disappear in these maelstroms. These 2 memories are part of daily artist’s life.
These feelings are in constant move in my mind and I ended up discovering myself : the vertigo, the fear of the void, being sucked up towards the ground, the dizziness, and the blurry vision.

This is how I came up with the idea of these one-of-a-kind shootings of city’s roofs.Climbing up these roofs was clearly not that easy- that probably was a way to fight my fears and to get back to putting my self together. Never surrender, never give up, never let go. Ever.
My own vision of the height of city :
Destructured, doubled, pixelised and swirled pictures
I work on transforming the square-shapped pixel into a circle, in order to make it go back into another square.

I.e. making the buildings (rather sharp and rigid) become smoother, warmer, rounded and curved.

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