before midnight by Seyed Shahabeddin Montazeri

Seyed Shahabeddin Montazeri

Isfahan - Iran


• Master of Urban Planning, Urban and Regional Planning, Tehran University of Art (2012);
• Expert in Tourism Management - Allameh Tabataba'i University of Tehran (2008);
• Diploma of Experimental Science from Kamal Nonprofit High School - Isfahan University of Technology (2002).

Other courses:
• Digital Photographer course - National Technical and Professional Organization, for 280 hours, Iran (2016-2017).
• Portrait and Atelier Photographer Course - National Technical and Professional Organization, for 228 hours, Iran (2016).
• Industrial and Advertising Photography Course - National Technical and Professional Organization - for 130 hours, Iran (2016).
• Lighting Course - National Technical and Professional Organization, 131 hours, Iran (2017).
• Public Pedagogy Course (Technical teaching) - Technical and vocational organization of the country - for 96 hours, Iran, (2016).

Performing and related artistic activities:

• Director of Advertising and Commerce and Deputy Director in charge of Social Cultural Monthly Kohandezh.
• More than 10 years of photography experience.
• Instructor approved by the National Technical and Professional Organization.
• Member of the Federation International Art of Photography, FIAP (2016).
• Focus Member (Level B) Focus Photo Club – 2017.
• Active member of Iran Photo Club.
• Principal Member of Isfahan Photo Center (2016)
• Holding various courses in Photography, Lighting, Editing and Image Editing, Advanced Photography, Portrait Art, Tourism Photography and other private and semi-private courses.
• Holding various photography workshops.
• Performing photography tours.
• Performing various industrial and promotional photography projects.
• Winner of the FIAP Gold Medal, winner of the 6th Khayyam International Photo Festival 2018.
• Winner of the Honorary Ribbon of the Photography Federation of India (FIP Ribbon), Sonar International Festival, India 2019.
• 6 works accepted at the 4th International Sonar Festival Bangla, India, 2019.
• 8 entries accepted at the 6th Khayyam International Festival 2018.
• 2 entries accepted at the 5th Khayyam International Festival 2017.
• 3 entries accepted at the first Kyrgyzstan International Philharmonic Festival 2017.
• 1 selected work in the 72nd edition of the Bristol International Festival, UK, 2018.
• 3 entries accepted at China Huangbai International Mountain Festival 2018.
• 3 entries accepted at Tajikistan International Tajik Photo Festival 2018.
• 2 entries accepted at Aqua Tajik International Photo Festival, Tajikestan, 2018.
• 3 entries accepted at the second Kyrgyz Philharmonic Festival 2018.
• 5 entries accepted at Tajikistan International Nowruz Photo Festival 2018.
• Selected photo at READ 2019 International Photography Competition, Oman, 2019.
• Selected photo at 16th ADANA 2019 International Photography Contest, Turkey, 2019.
• 4 entries accepted at Mental Health International Exhibition of Photography, Iran, 2018.
• 3 entries accepted at Kopntoh International Exhibition of Art Photography, Kopntoh, 2018.
• Selected photo of the 10th National Photo Growth Festival, Iran, 2018.
• Participation in group exhibition of national festival of photography, Iran, 2018.
• Winner Photo of National Ayat Festival,Iran, Kerman, 2018.
• 2 Finalist Works of Vahdat National Festival, Tehran 2018.
• Finalist and Appreciated Work of Tengenab Photo Contest, Mashhad, 2017.
• 3 Finalist Works at National Nezareh Festival, Tehran, 2017.
• Candidate Photo of the Persian Gulf Year Photo, Persian Gulf National Photo Festival, Bandar Abbas 2019.
• Finalist Photographer of the Iran Focus Competition (3) and Photo Gallery Los Angeles, California 2018.
• Participate in International Group Photo Exhibition, Palestinian Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, 2018.
• Participating in a group photo exhibition of new ideas in the visual arts, Shellman Gallery, Tehran, 2017.
• Attending Iran Focus Group International Photo Exhibition, Los Angeles Museum of Culture and Crafts, USA. (Focus Iran and Iranian Youth Culture Contemporary Photography & Video, Craft & Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles, USA, 2019)
• Participate in The Familiar Place, International Group Photo Exhibition, The Gallery of Mariam and Eranuhi Aslamazyan Sisters, Armenia, 2018.

Seyed Shahabeddin Montazeri - Album: Travel

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