Midnight fridge crusade by Andreea Dobrin Dinu

Andreea Dobrin Dinu

Hamburg - Germany


I am Andreea Cristina. I work as a graphic artist, illustrator and graphic designer in my Hamburg studio SUMMERKID, producing bright works inspired by everyday life, spontaneous sketches and a certain joie de vivre that only a kid knows in summer vacation. Born and educated in Romania, I studied Graphic Arts at UNArte Bucharest and Illustration and Typography at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig. I was awarded with the Excellence Graphics Award by UNArte Bucharest in 2014 and The Young Designer Award in the "Most Beautiful Books of Romania" 2014.

Artist statement

I have a graphic background and I am extremely opened to exploring. I am not faithful to one style or one medium. The only thing I truly strive for is ultimately producing strong graphical imagery and connecting with the viewer in an affective way. At times my work may be illustrative, other times it may be purely grammatical, but no matter the message there is always a bit of humour and a bit of playfully "dancing around" serious subjects.

Local shows

Currently some of my works are in exhibitions in Bucharest. In the past I exhibited in Bucharest, Paris, Hague and Leipzig.
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