The Race by Vera Ema Tataro

Vera Ema Tataro

Prague 9, CZECH REPUBLIC - Czech Republic


Vera born 1966 in Prague, Czech Republic.
Graduated from Graphic High School in Prague in 1985.
Between 1985 – 1990 worked at a cartoon film studio at Prague.
Between 1991 – 1997 engaged in graphics and design.
Since 1998, she has created art as a painter and an designer.

Artist statement

Real creation doesn’t have any boundaries and depends on nothing. It’s just creation from creation. Therefore nothing can define it – no art style or genre, no trend, no fad or a critic. Real creation just happens and is recognizable through works of art, which are left behind.
My collections of paintings are always new and are created spontaneously and without depending on any definition of art, dogma, or some social beliefs. They came into being as they were supposed to and it’s all about them and not me..

Local shows

Chvaly Castle, Prague, Czech Republic

15. November 2016 - 31. January 2016
Bohemia sekt centrum, Stary Plzenec, Czech Republic
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