The Geometry of God by Luis Martin The Art Engineer

Luis Martin The Art Engineer

Brooklyn, NEW YORK - United States


Luis Martin / The Art Engineer is a Brooklyn based artist. He has show nationally and internationally. As an Artists Martin has created a visual language that bridges his collage practice and painting to tell non linear narratives about personal and shared histories. Martin’s collage practice stems from his childhood, when he was exposed to fashion magazines through his grandmother. When the artists did not see images that reflected him or his family, he resolved create this reflection he did not see, by using the magazine’s peripheral imagery, like backgrounds and props. Above all Martin is an Artist which is what informs his approach in his curatorial projects and other endeavors. Martin has show nationally and Internationally at the Turin Museum in Italy. Martin has also worked at MoMA as an educator.

Artist statement

"My collages tell a story with endless narratives. I collect imagery from pop-culture’s periphery, through magazines and other ephemera. I work with the material of the zeitgeist to create a language that speaks of my time and place while reaching for the ethereal. These collages become scalable sketches and plans for prints, installations and paintings. The reiteration of each collage is an exercise in forging monuments from a democratic material through an intimate studio practice. My work is a reflection of shared histories and my identity, told through the embracing and appropriation of aspirational propaganda."
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