Hélène Boucher by The Trabanoscope

The Trabanoscope

Paris - France


Born in Paris in 1991, Thibaut Joire-Noulens, aka The Trabanoscope, is an artistic photographer. Graduate of the French School of Technical Education (EFET).
Coming from a family in which culture is omnipresent, he is very interested in artistic photography and especially in mise en scène and composition.
His photos are both the transformation of his very rich imagination and cultural thirst. He constantly seeks the perfect combination of his own creativity, photographic techniques and the beauty of his subjects. His compositions are the fruit of a long process of preparation and reflection, resulting in an atypical and conceptual style.
His work is visible in his own small gallery in Saint Germain des Prés by appointment and on weekends during which he regularly organizes his exhibitions.
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