End of day by Thomas Thomopoulos

Thomas Thomopoulos

Paris - France


Living in Paris, practicing photography and editing since 2012. I started with landscape and animal, then continue with the portrait. The photo is a creative tool that in the digital age is changing. In the end, there is the digital creation combining the camera and the computer. No doubt someday, if not already, with artificial intelligence.

Was doing photos as a volunteer for french red cross (CRF 92 and CRF Paris). One of my photo was published in a book "médecine de catastrophe" (édition Lavoisier 2017 - coordonnateur Julien Henri). Many thanks.

Looking to finance my photographic/computer equipment. If you are interested in my artistic work, you can contact me on this mail: thomasthomopoulos@gmail.com

Thank you :-)

Artist statement

I like animal, landscape, moon, sun, and all images that could produce a dream in a realistic way.

Local shows

Consult my photos on other sites like 500px and 1x:
500px: https://500px.com/thomasthomopoulos
1x: https://1x.com/member/thomopoulos

Exhibition in Paris : exposition éphémère galerie photo originale.

Thomas Thomopoulos - Album: Digital age

Thomas Thomopoulos - Album: Hello world

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