Lost by Krzysztof Szczurek

Krzysztof Szczurek

Bruxelles, BELGIEN - Belgia


A linguist by profession, I'm a self-taught photographer, learning by doing, failing and always trying to explore new territories. After several years of searching urban streets for interesting motives I turned to a more intimate space of staged photography, drawing inspiration from Old Masters' painting and re-interpreting motives that have become inextricable part of our cultural DNA.

Artist statement

I do photography out of inner need. It's my emotional language without words. With my works I would like to move the viewer, leave a trace, make them going back to the image like to a nightly dream barely remembered, difficult to understand, but still being there like an unresolved mystery.
My inspirations are Italian and Flemish Old Masters, and in contemporary photography: George Crewdson and Erwin Olaf

Local shows

Attended one photo stage in Arles in 2014, participated in a couple of smaller group exhibitions and had one solo in 2015 in Brussels. Selected for Accessible Art Fair in Brussels/BOZAR 2018 and Art Truc Troc BOZAR 2019. Selected again for ACAF in Brussels/BOZAR 2019, this time I'll present a series of de-humanised agricultural landscapes.

Krzysztof Szczurek - Album: An instant

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