The Bull by Yaron_Dotan


Los Angeles, CA


Yaron Dotan is a Los Angeles-based artist who works in a variety of media and styles to produce optical drawings, narrative paintings and portraiture. He holds an MFA from Tufts University and a BA in English Literature from Queens College. Since his move to Los Angeles last year he has shown at Gallery 825, the Manhattan Beach Art Center, BG Gallery, Trunk Gallery, the CSU Northridge Art Gallery, the Coachella Valley Art Center. At the moment he has a solo show up at Atrium 26 Gallery in Silver Lake. He recently created an animation piece for Culture Lab that was projected and performed to at the Atwater Village Theater. He is also showed at the Jerusalem Biennale.

Artist statement

These drawings are made using and india ink and gesso on panel. They are composed using pulsations and rhythms taken from optical imagery and design. I build gradations of tone onto a rhythmic framework to delineate an image that is constantly being interrupted and abstracted. 

Through this body of work I want to present ‘seeing’ without seeing, to explore the vast distances that separate even the most intimate of connections. We all know and care about others, and yet are surprised sometimes by how little we truly know about their motivations and thinking. Likewise, there are objects, places and ideas we hold dear to ourselves which reveal sudden, surprising and even confounding aspects, even after we thought we knew them well. 

I have only ever seen out of one eye, and don't see three dimensionally the way others take for granted. I started making these images with the aid of a neurobiologist who specializes in optics and am using this drawing style to explore questions I have about how the eye works, how this affects perception, and what knowledge is. 
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