abstract vision #1 by Adeline Spengler

Adeline Spengler

Paris // France


Adeline Spengler has studied visual arts and pursued a career as a graphic designer.
After having tried painting and drawing, photography became an obvious choice for her and her favorite medium. Today, she lives in Paris and works in media and publishing while pursuing her personal career as a photographer.
She takes inspiration from travels and nature and her photographs have a dreamlike atmosphere that suggests the fragility and the ephemeral character of things.
From behind her camera, she tries to express the things that cannot be expressed into words and takes us with her in her poetic journey. She knows how to delicately capture the evaporation of an instant at the moment when light is still present, with its promises of the future.

Artist statement

Visual poetry, conceptual, fine art, landscape, color, nature, symbolism,

Local shows

Adeline Spengler is represented by several art galleries, Starter Gallery in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Photo Galerie-Originale in the neighborhood of the Palais-Royal in Paris and the Cameron Gallery in Brest and she participates in many exhibitions, art fairs and events.
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