Le jardin japonais series no.11 by Anne-Julie Hynes

Anne-Julie Hynes

Montreal, QUEBEC - Canada


Anne-Julie Hynes graduated from Concordia University of Montreal, Canada in 1991. Working with different mediums such as acrylic, collage, textile art, sculpture and photography, her work has been shown in different publications. She has been active in over fifty (50) exhibitions in Canada, China, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Tahiti, and also has been chosen to participate in different research and creation art residencies around the world.

Artist statement

My work in general reflects a strong and powerful relationship to landscape and nature, this includes city-specific landscapes. I am a nomadic artist, I let the country or the town where I set my studio affect my work. The environment and surrounding of this new area, have considerable influence and impact on my production. I let the lieu become my muse.
I am a multidisciplinary artist, although I have used painting and photography in the last years quite extensively. Textile art is also a media I cherish.
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